Amplify confidence.

By illustrating that seats near a reservation won't be taken by others, you build confidence with returning customers, local authorities and your event backers.

Set the guidelines.

Create social distancing guidelines, test them in the sandbox, and add them to your plans. Update protocols on-the-go as social distancing laws change. No programming needed.

Flexible configuration.

Regulate how many seats to be left available to those adjacent as well as to the front and rear.

Regulate group orders.

Allow household members to sit together by delimiting seats that can be chosen together.

Restrict path seats.

Secure patron travel by your preferred number of restricted seats adjacent to the path.

Override protocols.

Reserve special seats that must be made available, or not, in lieu of saved rules.

Apex control.

The seating plan prevents the purchaser from choosing seats in a less-than-ideal configuration, so that row occupancy is optimised, while achieving social distancing.

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