Heighten certainty.

By offering strengthened allocation options to ticket purchasers the expectation of seamless patron entry to the event is accelerated to meet heightened event security.

Advanced notification.

By allowing customers to allocate their tickets to others with personalised messages, it progresses awareness of social distancing requirements in the face of intense gate entry surveillance.

User-driven allocation.

Buyers can regulate their ticket quotas with interfaced allocation records and options.

Responsive sharing.

Allow ticket holders to cue their notifications and ensure follow-through on their allocation.

Branded and personalised alerts.

Call event attendees to action with emblematic and intimate messaging.

Membership intelligence.

Shared ticketing notices are correlated with the extant customer directory and guidance is altered respectively.

Elevated management.

Assemble and customize textual protocols and memorandums to prepare attendees for event security and health safety requirements.

Justify admittance.

If the required responses from those affiliated with ticket purchasers do not meet the latest standards of health and safety their roped-off permits are revoked.

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